In NBA 2K23, badges help players improve their performance by raising their player statistics. The best NBA 2K23 players look for the best badges to utilize in the game to gain the slightest advantage over their rivals during tight games. This article describes each category’s best badges to use in NBA 2K23.

Best Finishing Badges

The following are some of the best finishing badges in NBA 2K23.


You are more likely to hit a dunk over your defender when using a posterizer.

Levels of Badges:


Slithery badges make it easier to slide through traffic, avoid contact during rim finishes, and keep the ball from getting stolen.

Levels of Badges:

The NBA 2K23 defense is very strong, as already mentioned. You can get into the paint and make lots of layups with the Slithery Badge. If you prefer to shoot from the inside, this badge is great.

Fearless Finisher

The Fearless Finisher makes it easier for players to take contact and score. It also reduces the energy required to make a contact layup.

Levels of Badges:

You can earn the Fearless Finisher badge if you enjoy executing plays that let your team reach the paint for layups.


Bully badges improve players’ ability to draw contact and head to the rim for layups.

Levels of Badges:

With the Bully badge, your Center or Power Forward will bully your opponents under the paint.

Best Shooting Badges

The following are some of the best shooting badges in NBA 2K23.


The Amped badge reduces the negative effects of weariness on shooting.

Levels of Badges:

Amped keeps high shooting accuracy throughout exhaustion by sprinting around the court and making shots whenever you can.

Agent 3

Earning the Agent 3 Badge increases your chances of making a spin or pull-up three-pointer.

Levels of Badges:

The Agent 3 badge will let you shoot more three-pointers if you love spins and step-backs when the space opens up.

Best Playmaking Badges

The following are some of the best playmaking badges in NBA 2K23.


You can use the Dimer Badge on half-court passes to open shooters. Shooters get a small boost to their shot percentage if they succeed.

Levels of Badges:

The Dimer Badge raises the receivers’ shooting ratings when you throw long, accurate passes.

Ankle Breaker

With the Ankle Breaker Badge, you can step back or perform other moves that make your opponent trip or fall more often.

Levels of Badges:

Basketball is about tricking defenses into falling over as they try to guard you. You can humiliate your opponent and shoot from wide open with the Ankle Breaker Badge.

Best Defence Badges

The following are some of the best defense badges in NBA 2K23.


With the Anchor Badge, your player has a better chance of protecting the rim and blocking shots.

Levels of Badges:

Large Centers that want to control the area below their baskets will love the Ancher Badge.


You’ll be more efficient with well-timed perimeter shooters with Challenger Badges.

Levels of Badges:

If you frequently defend shots from the perimeter, the Challenger Badge will come in handy.

The Takeaway

As you progress through MyCAREER, you can test out different badges to determine which one suits your style. You will need a sufficient number of Badge Points to advance in the game.

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