SWITCH OPEN Week 2 Recap

Group stage for the Coinbase 3v3 SWITCH OPEN has come to a close which means so has the 3v3 “regular season”! From here on out, it’s all big-time action. SWITCH OPEN bracket play leads us right into the STEAL OPEN and then of course, into the 3v3 playoffs and finals. With group play in the books, let’s go through our five biggest takeaways from the week.

League Tightening Up at the Right Time

I can’t remember a week of games being this consistently close during my time in the league. So many game 5 – they were coming fast and furious. 24 series went to game 5 showing just how close our teams truly are heading into next week’s bracket play. I think it has a lot to do with how competitive the middle of the league currently is, heck we have 12 teams separated by 30 points or less across our playoff standings, it’s truly never been tighter. And with that, that brings me to my next takeaway.

There is No Favorite to Win the Switch

I think the parity in the league has forced us into a position where we don’t have a true favorite anymore. Even Pistons GT slipped up during group play to the tune of a 5-3 record. But, are they currently better than the 7-1 Bucks? Or 6-2 Knicks? Only thing that will decide it will be how everyone plays on stage, or who even makes it to stage! I have a feeling we’re going to see a ton of upsets again during double-elim bracket play next week. This was always my hope for 3v3. 25 teams, all with talent and a real chance to take home some cash. I think we’re either right there or getting very close to that.

At Some Point, the Heat Have to Figure It Out…right?

No team in the league is more reliant on one player than Heat Check Gaming is on Ky. and yet, despite how great he has been, the team has been very underwhelming. A common team in playoff predictions to start the season, they finish group play currently in 21st in the league standings. 21st! Meanwhile, Ky is leading the league in scoring at 13.8 ppg on 84.3 TS% and an absurd 71.6% USAGE. Great numbers, arguably the best in the league, but the team defense, Ky included, has been a big issue. Heat Check Gaming are giving up the third most points in the league at 20.2 ppg. They are also dead last in steals per game at just .6 a game, they just aren’t forcing enough turnovers or misses to let their offense truly take over games. I still won’t vote against them making a run, I just wonder how we will look back on this team.

Are…are the Kings Alive?
Kings Guard! 5-3 on the week! Consistent lineup choices! Regg hitting shots! Bash and Bray showing chemistry on defense! Kings Guard! Incredibly impressive turnaround. You go 0-10 in a tournament, I would not blame any team for rolling over. Instead, they have fought, they have clawed, they have taken down legitimately good teams, and now, they could be a real dark horse candidate to make a run in the tournament. I just won’t count out Regg in this mode until he’s officially out, not when he’s playing like this with a real defense behind him.

Meta VR is an Insanely Cool Add to the 2KL Family

One of the best parts about working for the league is the pure bewilderment people have when I tell them what I do for a living. “Yor broadcast esports??” they saw with total confusion across their face. I can’t wait to include “oh yea, we’re also live inside of virtual reality” into that conversation. Such a cool partnership for the league. We’ve always been on the cutting edge of the industry and this is just another example of that greatness. Shoutout to the NYC office for getting this done, can’t wait to see what else is coming down the lane.

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