SWITCH OPEN Week 2 Preview

Hawks Talon GC vs Pistons GT Thursday, 4/13 at 7;30 PM ET

Hawks Talon GC heads into week two of the SWITCH OPEN looking to find their footing once again after losses vs Pistons GT and Mavs Gaming in week one. To start off week two, Hawks Talon is looking for revenge in their upcoming matchup. To emerge victorious, Ceez has got to step up for the team and be able to find success from beyond the arc to ensure a difficult day at the office for BagMotion. Furthermore, Gradient has to rise to the occasion to prove that he should be regarded as one of the best lockdowns the league has to offer. If Gradient can charge and suffocate Ant defensively while creating turnovers, Hawks Talon GC has a great chance to come out on top. Lastly, If Ceez can effectively facilitate and limit his mistakes, this will bolster Hawks Talon GC’s chances of winning the series.

Pistons GT storms into their matchup looking to bounce back after the biggest upset loss of the 2023 season at the hands of Mavs Gaming. Having already defeated Hawks Talon GC once in group play, Pistons GT is hoping that history repeats itself. To rise to the top, Ant must have a field day versus Gradient offensively. Additionally, Ant must find a way to drop dimes throughout the series in preparation for Hawks Talon GC to try to force the ball out of his hands. In the end, Bagmotion must rally the troops and wreak havoc defensively to contain the prolific scoring point guard in Ceez. If Ant can make it rain from beyond the arc, dropping dimes while minimizing his mistakes, this would be the perfect recipe for Pistons GT to make it two straight wins vs Hawks Talon GC.

Prediction: Pistons GT defeats Hawks Talon GC 3-2 in the best-of five series

Hornets Venom GT vs Gen.G Tigers Tuesday, 4/11 at 6:45PM ET

After what’s been a slow start to the 2023 SWITCH OPEN, Gen.G is looking to build off of the small amount of momentum they’ve gained following their latest victory versus Hornets Venom GT. To find themselves celebrating at the series end, Gen.G must improve on both sides of the ball. Offensively, Gallo must maintain effectiveness from the field to ensure that Saint has a difficult time staying in front of him throughout the series. Defensively, Crush faces the daunting task of trying to contain Bouji. If he can stifle Bouji and Gallo lights up the scoreboard on the offensive end, Gen.G will dominate this series from start to finish.

It has been an underwhelming start to the 2023 SWITCH OPEN thus far for Hornets Venom GT, but they head into their matchup vs Gen.G hoping the story becomes a little brighter in this matchup with a victory in the rematch. To make this series competitive, Bouji must strike early and often on the offensive end to guarantee he keeps Crush on his toes defensively. Saint must thwart Gallo defensively to ensure that he struggles to find any sort of offensive consistency. If Saint can run Gallo off the three-point line and cause destruction defensively, this gives Hornets Venom GT the chance to pick up a win that they desperately need. In the end, If Bouji can pick things up on the offensive and Saint can limit Gallo’s success from the field, Hornets Venom GT pulls off the stunning upset.

Prediction: Gen.G Tigers defeats Hornets Venom GT 3-1 in the best-of five series

NBL Oz Gaming vs Bucks Gaming Tuesday, 4/11 at 7:30 PM

NBL Oz Gaming head into week two of the SWITCH OPEN versus Bucks Gaming looking for revenge after a productive week, with their only loss coming at the hands of Bucks Gaming. To turn the tide from last week, Jyden must put Dawsix on skates and maintain efficiency from the field. Additionally, LawRich must measure up to the expectations defensively to suppress Cooks offensively. If Jyden can lead the dynamic offense for NBL Oz Gaming and Lawrich takes the reins defensively, NBL Oz Gaming will be able to capture their revenge and move forward with the win.

Bucks Gaming storms into week two of the SWITCH OPEN hot off of an undefeated opening week. Now, the question remains, how do they keep the streak rolling versus a very sound NBL Oz Gaming team? Cooks has to fire on all cylinders on the offensive end and be proficient facilitating and limiting his flaws. In conclusion, Dawsix must go to great lengths to ensure that Jyden is unable to find consistency from the field. If Dawsix is able to cause disruption on the defensive end, and Cooks is able to go shot for shot with Jyden offensively, Bucks Gaming will keep their undefeated streak alive.

Prediction: Bucks Gaming defeats NBL Oz Gaming 3-2 in the best-of five series.

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