SWITCH OPEN Week 2 Power Rankings

Lets jump into our next round of Power Rankings! Number next to point total is the team’s record.

Pistons GT – 210 points (53-29)

T-Wolves Gaming – 170 points (60-39)

Bucks Gaming – 160 points (50-26)

Knicks Gaming – 160 points (53-25)

NBL OZ Gaming – 150 points (56-41)

DUX Infinitos – 130 points (46-25)

Cavs Legion GC – 130 points (46-33)

I’m sectioning off this group because I think our top 7 teams are a bit in a category of their own right now. Jazz Gaming has a debate to be in this group too, but their relatively unimpressive game win% pushes them just out. Even inside of this group, I’m not totally sure who the best team is. I get drawn naturally to Pistons GT, but Knicks Gaming and Bucks Gaming both are statistically better. Hell, you can throw DUX Infinitos in there if you want. They are tied for the best offense and point differential in the league right now. It’s really tight at top, bracket play is going to be an absolute dog fight.

Jazz Gaming – 120 points (45-40)

Hawks Talon GC – 130 points (44-46)

Nets GC – 140 points (43-49)

Warriors Gaming Squad – 120 points (47-37)

Warriors Gaming Squad are my official dark horse of the SWITCH OPEN. A good group stage for them saw them lead the league in total points scored. Now, they were tied for the second most points allowed, but it should just go to show how high of a pace this team plays with and also how explosive their games can be. If they string a few stops together during a game, their offense is going to get them over the line. Sometimes, in a tournament like this, all it takes is a hot stretch and an elite offense.

Celtics Crossover Gaming – 120 points (50-48)

Pacers Gaming – 70 points (42-35)

Wizards District Gaming – 110 points (45-48)

76ers GC – 100 points (40-40)

Signs of life from Philadelphia? A nice 2-0 day to close out the week gives them some nice momentum heading into next week. The lineup isn’t perfect, by Dre, 630, DJ is probably their best lineup and at it’s best, it’s extremely competitive. Having 630 out there changed the dynamic for the team, he’s honestly just too good to have on the bench. I don’t think we’ll see some gigantic run from 76ers GC this tournament, but I’m starting to get the feeling we’re going to see some real fight from them during the STEAL OPEN.

Grizz Gaming – 90 points (37-41)

Raptors Uprising GC – 70 points (40-44)

Gen.G Tigers – 60 points (32-44)

Magic Gaming – 50 points (30-50)

Mavs Gaming – 60 points (30-44)

Heat Check Gaming – 60 points (31-40)

Lakers Gaming – 60 points (35-50)

Woof. 1-7 week for Lakers Gaming, the second lowest point differential in the league during the SWITCH OPEN. The wheels have officially come off the wagon. It’s a team that feels very lost in the mode, it hasn’t truly found a lineup that works and they head into bracket play as a seemingly easy first round matchup for Cavs Legion GC. One thing to note, GreenTooNice has played every single game this 3v3 season for Lakers Gaming, I wonder if they experiment a lineup without him this week. I still think their best lineup is Ryan1of1, FutureClutch, and Krazy yet it has registered 0 minutes so far this season. Weird year for LA.

Blazer5 Gaming – 60 points (27-44)

On the flip side, a very nice week for Blazer5 Gaming. 4-4 with a positive point differential is great to see from a team that had literally nothing to build off of from the Slam. It was also nice to see them FINALLY play their best lineup and what do you know, it worked! Claude, Jomar, KayAus are the 3 best players on the team and it took Portland way too long to get them out there together. Good news is, they are out there now, making them a really tough out in the bracket play. I’m not sure they have a deep run in them, but I am excited to see them scrap it out all week.

Kings Guard Gaming – 50 points (24-46)

Hornets Venom GT – 50 points (27-52)

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