SWITCH OPEN Week 1 Power Rankings

Lets jump into our next round of Power Rankings! Number next to point total is the team’s record.

Pistons GT – 170 points (39-23)
What a team. I’m going to slightly ignore their five-game series loss vs. Mavs Gaming since they had a weird day with a rescheduling of a series and what not, but I think they are the clear best team in the league currently. All three players are at the top of their game, they all seem to relish big games and locking in during important moments. All three also have an insane knack for being in the right place at the right time defensively, it has to be infuriating to play against. Over and over they get these steals and easy buckets just by being where you’d least expect them, Connor seems like he disappears sometimes before magically reappearing with a rebound and a perfect outlet pass the other way. They are going to be extremely difficult to dethrone, taking them down three times in five games in a big series might be the ultimate mountain to climb for any contender at this point.

T-Wolves Gaming – 140 points (49-32)

Bucks Gaming – 130 points (40-22)

NBL OZ Gaming – 130 points (48-32)
Impressive start to the SWITCH OPEN for NBL Oz Gaming. I think it’s fair to officially cement them as an elite 3v3 group, they are a real thorn to take on for any team. I think the only true weakness they have is no true secondary offensive player, Lawrich and DjayTooCold are excellent shooters, but the team is really just Jyden creating off the dribble. In fairness to that, he’s been one of the best in the league at it. 60% usage while shooting 83% true shooting is about as good as you could ask for. He’s also 5th in the league among guards in AST/TO ratio, he’s really taken the year two leap NBL Oz were hoping for. Only bump in the road for Oz will be them avoiding the dreaded lower bracket this time around. I think they could do without the stress of constantly playing with their backs against the wall.

Knicks Gaming – 130 points (42-19)

Nets GC – 140 points (36-38)

Hawks Talon GC – 120 points (38-35)

DUX Infinitos – 110 points (36-17)

Jazz Gaming – 110 points (34-32)

Celtics Crossover Gaming – 100 points (42-41)

Cavs Legion GC – 90 points (34-26)
Is it time to be getting a little concerned in Cleveland? Not because they are bad, but with how competitive 3v3 is this year, they are getting a little close to ending up in the STEAL, a place I certainly don’t think they belong! The teams with the 10 most points avoid the STEAL OPEN, Cavs Legion right now are tied for 11th, it’s getting a little spooky! They need a monster week to keep stride with the rest of the elite. All of their stats say they are one of the best teams in the league, but they just keep losing these weird series. It’s time to buckle down, get a 4-0 week, and make a commanding statement heading into bracket play.

Wizards District Gaming – 100 points (39-37)

Pacers Gaming – 60 points (34-26)

Warriors Gaming Squad – 90 points (36-29)

76ers GC – 70 points (29-33)

Grizz Gaming – 70 points (30-31)

Lakers Gaming – 60 points (30-38)

Raptors Uprising GC – 60 points (31-33)

Gen.G Tigers – 50 points (25-34)

Magic Gaming – 50 points (24-38)
There is life in Orlando! Huge, huge week for the Magic who had a nightmare start in the SLAM OPEN. Talent wise, they should be up in the 8-9-10 area, but points wise they are down here in the 20s. Wins over Jazz Gaming, Cavs Legion GC, and Nets GC puts them back in the hunt and sets them up for another hugely impactful week. Another 3-1 or 4-0 means a deep SWITCH OPEN run might see them nab a playoff spot and not have to go through the STEAL tournament. This team is right there, they just have to sustain this hot streak.

Mavs Gaming – 40 points (22-35)

Heat Check Gaming – 40 points (20-30)

Hornets Venom GT – 40 points (21-41)
Yikes. One of the worst weeks for any team this season. Four series, 0-4 record, 3 sweeps. The other series they lost 3-1, it was a disaster. When we discussed this team in the offseason, I think we all had some valid questions about how the backcourt was going to shake out. Seeing Big Saint start a full series over Bojui or Rigby is the nightmare outcome we were all praying against, but worried about in the back of our minds. I’m not sure what the answer is for this team, I’m not really sure there is one.

Blazer5 Gaming – 30 points (16-30)

Kings Guard Gaming – 20 points (13-39)

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