SWITCH OPEN Stage Week Preview

Lakers Gaming vs Knicks Gaming Wednesday, 4/26 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Lakers Gaming will look to continue their momentum after their latest victories vs Cavs Legion GC and NBL Oz Gaming. In order to start out on the right foot, Duck has to be able to find success from beyond the arc to ensure Stick has a difficult time containing him defensively. Additionally, Duck must facilitate effectively and minimize his mistakes on the offensive end. Furthermore, Krazy must lead the charge defensively and create chaos to be certain that Malik won’t have his way offensively. If Duck is able to light up the scoreboard and minimize his mistakes offensively and Krazy wreaks havoc on the defensive end, creating turnovers to make certain that Malik is unable to find his groove, Lakers Gaming will come out on top.

Knicks Gaming remains in the upper bracket of the SWITCH OPEN following their victories over G1 Longhorns and Heat Check Gaming. In order to keep the hot streak rolling, Malik must remain proficient from the field to make sure that he keeps Krazy on his toes defensively. Also, he needs to put an emphasis on limiting his mishaps on the offensive end to avoid allowing Lakers Gaming the chance to convert turnovers into points. Lastly, Stick has to rise to the challenge and cause mayhem to avoid allowing Duck to find any offensive consistency. If Stick is able to suffocate Duck defensively and Malik remains productive from the field, Knicks Gaming will pick up the victory in dominant fashion.

Prediction: Knicks Gaming defeats Lakers Gaming 3-1

NetsGC vs Bucks Gaming Wednesday, 4/26 at 7:30 p.m. ET

NetsGC storms into stage play of the SWITCH OPEN with an all-gas, no-brakes approach as they get ready for Bucks Gaming in the upper bracket slugfest after victories vs Kings Guard Gaming and Dot Squad. In order for NetsGC to keep the train moving forward and pick up the win, Greens must be effective from the field to be sure that Dawsix struggles to stay in front of him throughout. Also, he must facilitate and limit his mishaps offensively. In the end, Streetz must step up to the plate and thwart Cooks defensively throughout the series so that he’s unable to find his rhythm offensively. If NetsGC are able to capitalize on these things, they will walk away as series winners.

Bucks Gaming heads into their matchup vs NetsGC looking to build off victories over Glo Navy Glosquitos and Magic Gaming. To achieve success throughout the series, Cooks must be able to go shot for shot with Greens and limit his slip ups on offense. Additionally, Dawsix has to rise to the task on the defensive end and create chaos in order to stifle Greens to keep the prolific scoring point guard contained. If Cooks is able to make it rain from downtown and Dawsix creates pandemonium defensively, Bucks Gaming will move forward victorious.

Prediction: NetsGC defeats Bucks Gaming 3-0

Celtics Crossover Gaming vs Pistons GT Wednesday, 4/26 at 8:15 p.m. ET

Celtics Crossover Gaming remains unbeaten throughout bracket play as they prepare for their next challenge in Pistons GT. In order to remain on top of the podium, FT must be productive from the field and light it up from beyond the arc to give Bagmotion a difficult challenge defensively. Additionally, he must facilitate and eliminate any offensive woes throughout the series to give Celtics Crossover Gaming the best chance to avoid dropping to the elimination bracket. Furthermore, Tayzo must cause disarray and force miscues defensively in order to slow down the dominant scorer in Ant. If FT can shoulder the load offensively and Tayzo can cause destruction defensively, Celtics Crossover Gaming claims the victory.

Pistons GT storms into their upcoming matchup vs Celtics Crossover hoping that they can continue their red-hot play on stage. In order for them to not fall victim to the trap game, Ant must find repetitive success from three-point range and limit his lapses offensively. Additionally, Bagmotion must step up and prove why he’s one of the best 3v3 locks that the league has to offer. If Ant is able to tally points at a premium and Bagmotion suppresses FT offensively throughout the series , Pistons GT will continue their winning ways.

Prediction: Pistons GT defeats Celtics Crossover Gaming 3-2

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