NBA 2KL 3v3 Playoff Picture

It’s about that time! After a full tournament and three weeks of remote bracket play, we have a much clearer picture now of the playoff picture. Let’s go through the teams that have clinched and break down the intense battle for the 10th seed.


  1. Pistons GT – 210 points
  2. T-Wolves Gaming -170 points
  3. Knicks Gaming -160 points
  4. Bucks Gaming – 160 points
  5. NBL OZ Gaming – 150 points
  6. NetsGC – 140 points
  7. DUX Infinitos – 130 points

Quite the list of teams! Not only have these teams all clinched playoff spots, all seven of these teams will be with us in D.C. for the in-person bracket play of the Switch Open. Going to be a very interesting playoff preview! One thing to note, no community teams for the first time in a major 3v3 tournament, so only 2KL teams will play next week. By my count, Glo Navy Glosquitos and Dot Squad clinched the two playoff spots dedicated for our community teams, so we only have five open spots left. Two going to our two winners of the Steal and the last three seeds. 


This is where things get interesting! Here are the teams still in the running for the last three seeds.

Cavs Legion GC – 120 points (60% WP)

Celtics Crossover Gaming – 120 points (51%)

Pacers Gaming – 120 points (56% WP)

Warriors Gaming Squad – 120 points (55% WP)

Lakers Gaming – 90 points (44% WP)

Magic Gaming – 80 points (41% WP)

Let’s start with the Cavs Legion and Celtics Crossover Gaming. They are about as close to clinching as you can get, but one of them could be in danger. If either of them get knocked out quickly, things get interesting. All they would need is Pacers Gaming to make a run combined with Lakers Gaming winning the Switch Open and one of them could find themselves outside the playoff picture. That’s a very big if.

To the other seeds! The only way Magic Gaming or Lakers Gaming can snag the last spot and avoid the Steal is by winning the whole tournament. Only one of them can make it too, so it’s truly all or nothing. No other way for either to get in without also taking home the Switch Open banner. For Warriors Gaming Squad and Pacers Gaming, it all comes down to the very first series Pacers Gaming plays against Dux Infinitos when we are in D.C. next week. Due to win%, if Pacers Gaming get swept or lose in four games, Warriors Gaming Squad would get the spot. If Pacers Gaming lose in five games or win the series, they are in the playoffs and the Warriors Gaming Squad are out. So…looking at you Dux Infinitos, the 2KL playoffs (and two teams seasons) are in your hands.


Alright, that’s the playoffs, let’s get back local and talk about next week. Our matchups look like this for the SWITCH Open.

#1 Knicks Gaming vs. #24 Lakers Gaming

#4 DUX Infinitos vs. #5 Pacers Gaming

#2 Bucks Gaming vs. #23 Nets GC

#3 Pistons GT vs. #11 Celtics Gaming

Lower Bracket Teams:
#7 T-Wolves Gaming
#8 NBL Oz Gaming
#9 Cavs Legion GC
#18 Magic Gaming

It really does feel like a mini-playoff preview! $150,000 on the line, 10 contending teams and two big surprises, feels like a classic 2KL tournament.

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