One approach to distinguish a player’s skill from their traits is through player badges. These badges are the center of builds, occasionally becoming essential to a particular build.

These badges can require a lot of dedication and numerous hours of grinding. This guide’s calculations will teach you how to obtain badges in NBA 2K23 the quickest and save you a lot of time from grinding.

To figure out the ideal approach to earn all these badges, we tested with difficulty levels, time constraints, and training sessions. Let’s begin the guide by talking about how to unlock badges.

How to Unlock Badges in NBA 2K23

Playmaking, finishing, shooting, and defense/rebounding are the four categories of badges. Each type has a separate “leveling meter,” which you can level up by carrying out specific actions within that category.

For instance, making wide-open shots will raise your badge level for shooting.

Now that you know the mechanics let’s move on to the methods.

Playing MyCareer Games

Your badges will level up if you play regular NBA games, and you will receive points after the game for every good deed you perform. These points will be divided into categories according to the badge category.

For a single 5-minute per quarter game, you might be able to accumulate more than 10,000 points distributed across all badge types.

By stealing, blocking, rebounding, forcing the ball loose, or doing other defensive and rebounding activities, you’ll level your defense/rebounding badge.

Make open jump shots, 3-pointers, free throws, and other shooting actions to advance your shooting badge.

Your playmaking badge will level up based on efficient ball movement, assists, passes that result in assists or fouls, and other playmaking acts.

Finishing with a layup, a dunk, or converting and-1s will level up your finishing badge. After the game, all of these activities will be calculated. 

Playing MyCareer games is the fastest way to gain VC, and it is also the primary method of raising your player to level 99. 

Team Practice Completion

You can participate in team practices after each game if your team doesn’t have back-to-back contests.

You will receive a total of four drill actions from each practice. And can complete a variety of special drills for each kind of badge. They are divided into three difficulty categories: easy, medium, and hard.

Each time you complete a drill, you will receive a rating from one to three stars. How many points you receive from leveling up your badge depends on the number of stars and difficulty level.

In each session, you can complete up to four drill difficulties. You might earn at least 3,000 badge points if you 3-star every practice on hard.

Because the trainer can free-style the team’s drills during practices, you can win more than 3,000 badge points.

These random exercises will give you badge points regardless of the drill’s category.

There will be a bonus for badge leveling on certain trainer-provided random drills. With the coach drill bonus, you get a double multiplier when leveling up your badges for each drill.

The Fastest way to Earn Badges

Though it takes less time to complete a practice than a typical game, it does not earn you as many badge points. Playing frequent games may occasionally reward you with a modest sum if you have a bad game.

You can conduct playmaking actions in the game and level up the badge by improving your ball handling, pass accuracy, and speed with the ball.

If you are a scorer, you can raise your finishing badge level by doing finishing actions in the game and improving your driving layup, close shot, and dunks.

You can change the minutes per quarter in the game settings to lengthen or shorten each game. You could believe that it significantly impacts how many badge points you gain; however, it doesn’t.

Your gameplay is the sole thing that determines how many badge points you receive. Assisting, scoring, rebounding, stealing, and getting your badge points.

The Takeaway

You may earn more badge points in longer games and complete those tasks. However, in more games, you can make up the difference.

Your ability to collect badge points increases as your player improves. The more successful you complete the game’s objectives, the more badge points you get.

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