Your team’s talent ceiling in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM is determined by its weakest player. Even though your beginning card has evolved, you still need many trustworthy people to surround them to win every game you play.

For this reason, MT coins are crucial to your NBA 2K23 MyTEAM advancement. With MT coins, you can unlock players who will boost your squad and give you a competitive edge. In this post, we’ll show you how to collect MyTEAM points quickly in NBA 2K23 and create a competitive team.

How to Get MyTeam Points Fast in NBA 2k23

The following are some ways to get MyTeam points fast in NBA 2k23.


Taking on the challenges in MyTEAM is a fantastic additional method to increase your MT Coins and VC. There are several categories of challenges, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and life challenges. As you go through the different game modes, these options provide you the chance to earn more MT Coins.

Challenges will affect how you approach certain matches, but as a result, you frequently double your post-match awards, which is incredibly advantageous over the long term.

Auction House

First, the Auction House is the finest place to obtain MT currency swiftly. Once enabled, the Auction House enables you to exchange MT money for undesired players or duplicate cards easily. Additionally, you can spend less money on top-quality player cards that you may later resell for a profit.

You can easily accumulate MT coins by becoming proficient in the Auction House. Determine which players or goods you own appear in high demand, determine the market price for those cards, and then list any undesired cards that fit those requirements on the auction.

Domination Mode

In Domination Mode, you can also successfully collect additional MT Coins and gain a ton of gaming experience. You can choose the difficulty level for each game in Domination, with higher skill levels awarding more MT Coins.

Three levels of difficulty are available: Semi-Pro, Pro, and All-Star. Domination Mode aims to collect stars that will add up to provide more rewards.

Triple Threat (Online or Offline)

Another excellent choice is Triple Threat, which offers players quicker games with immediate payouts. Basketball 3v3 games called Triple Threat can be played offline or online, with the objective being to score 21 points first.

Rewards vary from game to game, and you can get extra rewards for reaching certain milestone wins, such as a Darius Miles card (88 OVR) for 50 victories.

In Domination Mode, you gain more MT per game, while in Triple Threat, you gain less but faster. Various player and item awards are also available, which you can sell in the auction house.

Create a MyCAREER Game

Another practical suggestion for gaining MT is to set up a MyCAREER game. Although you are not required to play MyCAREER, creating an account enables you to take advantage of the daily wheel spins, where you can win rewards like MT or other cards you can auction off.

Free Locker Code

There is nothing better than getting something for nothing, and NBA 2K23 gives you a few options for getting MT Coins for free. One option is redeeming a Locker Code pack, player, or MT from NBA 2K23. 

Keep an eye on the official 2K Twitter account because these codes typically expire after a week. Install the 2K app from the App Store or Google Play to increase your chances of seeing free coupons for MyTeam points.

The Takeaway

Pick one specific game mode to grind in if you are desperate to farm MT as quickly as possible. Concentrating your efforts on one game mode makes sense because the prizes grow more meaningful as you progress through the game mode.

The most obvious way to quickly get MT is through Domination; however, if you frequently run out of time while playing, you might choose Triple Threat battles instead.

Get free VC to upgrade your MyPlayer’s attributes in MyCareer or buy animations in Animations Store if you want.

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