In NBA 2K23, hot zones can significantly impact your shooting success, both favorably and adversely. Cold zones can make shots you were sure would go in the hoop bounce out of your hands, while a hot zone can make them go in.

Hot or cold zones on the court can also significantly impact your ball-sinking potential. The following guide will discuss NBA 2k23 hot zones and how to get them.

What Are NBA 2K23 Hot Zones?

Hot zones are spots on the court from where you can make simple shots, to put it simply.

Your odds of hitting the target increase if the area is a hot zone. Your odds of making that shot significantly decrease if you are shooting from a chilly or blue zone.

Fourteen zones are on the field in NBA 2K23; five make up the space outside the three-point line, while the other nine fill it in.

Hot zones are denoted by the zone being colored red, and cold zones are denoted by the zone being colored blue, as you probably guessed.

A gray zone indicates that it is neither hot nor cold at the moment, so your character will not experience any boosts or penalties when shooting from that area.

Therefore, the solution is quite straightforward if you’re wondering how to get hot zones in NBA 2K23. All you have to do to create hot zones is consistently make shots in a given region.

Not that you can attempt a shot from every side of the court just because your player has good attribute scores. The best teams will always be aware of their players’ hot spots and never attempt to make a shot from a cold spot.

Understanding how hot zones work, and knowing which zones are hot or cold for your player, can help you use them effectively. Now you’re wondering how to check them and add more hot zones. Let’s dive into it.

NBA 2K23 Hot Zones: How to Check Them

Your team’s players each have unique hotspots. Go to your MyCareer menu and check a player’s stats to confirm their hot zone. His hot and cold zones will both be depicted on a map. You can memorize them so you can use them when needed during a game.

Please be aware that the game pulls a player’s hot zones from gaming. Playing on professional difficulties with 5-minute quarters will fix it. Then, you ought to be able to identify his hot spots in his statistics.

MyCareer Hot Zones: How to Get More

The hot zones system monitors your performance throughout your previous 25 games, and to have a hot zone for long-range shots, you must have made at least 10 three-pointers.

You must perform well overall for any blue section of the court to turn blue. By playing on the easy difficulty, you can accomplish this. You need a minimum basket ratio of 50% there to turn a chilly zone into a hot zone.

The Takeaway

NBA 2K23 hot zones, even if players aren’t aware of them, can have a big impact on their shooting.

Because of this, knowing how these hot zones operate and how to utilize them best will help you get an advantage in 2K23, whether you want to crush other players online or do well enough against the CPU to earn some nice endorsements in MyCareer.

NBA 2K23’s hot zones can be used to your advantage, no matter how you play the game. Do you think we missed anything? Tell us in the comments section below!

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