Newcomers to NBA 2k MyTEAM love this mode because they can build their team with their favorite NBA players, design their line-up, and dominate the competition! Whether you’re a casual NBA fan, a card collector, or a competitive gamer, NBA 2K MyTEAM will keep you coming back for more.

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NBA 2K MyTeam: How to Get Started

Playing the single-player game Triple Threat will kick off your NBA 2K MyTEAM journey. It’s a full-court, 3 v 3 match to 21. Your starting line-up will be made up of Ja Morant, Jimmy Butler, and Joel Embiid.

After your Triple Threat game is over, you can choose which Emerald Starter card to add to your collection. The fact that the starter cards feature Evolution players is awesome! MyTEAM Evolution players allow you to perform specific tasks to raise the rating of your player card.

After choosing your starter card, you’ll get your full starter kit of players, and you’ll also get to name your squad before playing Clutch Time against AI players.

Lesson on Line-Up

You must understand how to design your line-up to best match your game if you want to have the finest MyTEAM. One or two positions may be allocated to a card, which prevents it from playing in any other position besides the ones specified. Additionally, gem tiers are allocated to cards; this is significant because it establishes the range of a card’s total rating.

Add More to Your Collection

You can do this in various ways if you wish to grow your collection and add new cards with higher Gem Tier ratings. Your card collection can expand through gameplay-based incentives, token market or auction house usage, or by purchasing packs from the pack market.

Agendas, Rewards, and Seasons

Leveling up in NBA 2k MyTEAM takes place through each Season as you progress towards Level 40. By playing games, completing missions, and winning games, you can gain XP for advancement. Each time you level up, you’ll get a new reward, and when you reach Level 40, you’ll get the grand prize!

Increase the Value of Your Collection

Two consumables can help you boost your MyTEAM, which are used to enhance a card’s attributes in a specific area.

In the first set, the shoes are the focus. A booster card or a shoe colorway card provides bonuses to your player according to their traits. Shoe Colorway cards are triggered by giving a particular shoe Shoe Boost qualities in the MT Shoe Lab.

Badges are the second significant consumable that may be used on a player. A player with a particularly high rating in a certain area might use badges to enhance certain gameplay elements.

Applying a badge to a player with a qualified attribute level and upgrading a badge a player already has are ways to earn badges. You can use badges and shoe cards wisely to enhance your NBA 2k MyTEAM.

The Takeaway

Once you’ve mastered the basics of creating your MyTEAM, you can compete in the various game modes to earn rewards.

If you want to test your skills with different line-up rules, try Triple Threat, a 3v3 full-court game of 21. Both single-player and multiplayer versions are available. Clutch Time is a single-quarter, five-minute game with a 4-point line that can be played both single-player and multiplayer. 

The draft is a 5v5 multiplayer mode that can be played single-player and multiplayer. There are two single-player modes available: Domination and Challenges. You can enter a yearly tournament to win $250k in Unlimited, the game’s competitive multiplayer mode. Get ready for the $250,000 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament when you have mastered MyTEAM Unlimited.

Get free VC to upgrade your MyPlayer’s attributes in MyCareer or buy animations in Animations Store if you want.