NBA 2K23 features a variety of gameplay modes, as well as the ability to upload images to NBA 2K23. It is most likely that the option to upload images will be available for well-known game modes like Pro-Am, MyTeam, or MyLeague. 

NBA fans can upload their favorite valid images into their personalized account. To upload those images, you may need to know the process of how to upload images correctly. Here are a few easy steps to upload images to NBA 2K23. Uploading images is more flexible from a PC, but you can also upload from a mobile.

How to Upload Images to NBA 2K23

Visit The NBA Website

Start by clicking here to access the NBA 2K official website. When you visit the website, three options will be available: Unlock Exclusive Nike Sneakers, Game Server Status, and Upload Images to NBA 2K23.

Choose the Image Upload Option

To upload a picture to NBA 2K23, select the first choice. After that, you’ll need to log in to the gaming platform (Xbox, Steam, PlayStation, or Nintendo).

Select The Image Type/Size

Three distinct file types will be available for you to upload: the Scorer’s Table (512128), the Arena Logo (512256), and the Team Logo (10241024). The picture size for the Team Logo has to be a 1:1 ratio (square size). The width and height of the Arena logo are divided by a factor of 2:1. Additionally, the Scorer’s Table is 4:1, indicating that the image’s width is four times longer than its height.

Get Your Picture Ready

Before uploading an image, you may have to crop backgrounds or change the image’s sizes using an editing tool. Use photo editor apps for mobile devices or built-in programs on PC to resize photographs.

Choose an Image From Your Image Storage/Gallery

Once you’ve chosen the image type you want to use, click on it to reveal the following choices: Photo Gallery, Browse, or take a picture/video. If the image you want to submit is already prepared, you must check that it matches the size and shape before uploading it directly from your media files.

Select The Image To Upload

You can access your saved file after selecting the Camera Roll option, which will instantly lead you to all your photographs. The image will appear in the “Preview” area on the Image Uploader page once you’ve altered and selected the photo you need from your Photo Gallery. It is then necessary to accept the terms and conditions for uploading the image. After completing this step, you will successfully upload a picture to NBA 2K23.

Gaming Mode Image Upload 

You can import an image into any game mode you play after uploading it to your account, except Pro-Am. Unfortunately, to access Pro-Am, you must be, at minimum, a Gold in Amateur. 

However, you can access the Team Editing segment, where you can generally go to alter the team uniforms, court, noises, etc., for any other game mode. When choosing community uploads, you will also have the option to select from My Designs, where your image is located.

You should be aware that you can only download a total of 50 photographs. Although this may seem limited initially, you probably won’t ever need to submit over 50 images. You can easily upload any image to NBA 2K21 in just a few simple steps.

The Takeaway

The NBA 2K developer team provides many extra offerings for NBA fan gamers. Uploading your chosen image in your account in one of them. If you know the uploading process and follow the terms and rules, you can upload pictures from the NBA 2k official site.

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