NBA 2k has been basketball fans’ all-time favorite video game since 1999. Today’s digital age brought the game to mobiles. NBA 2K6 was designed after the famous 2K NBA with a variety of consoles and released each year, but now the technology has changed, and it is specially modeled to play on mobile.

In the new version, you can collect players like points or cards; some of them are hard to get. Multiple cards for the same player can be available. Some cards include Gold, Silver, Bronze, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby. Developers included other types (holo version) of cards throughout the season. This post aims to give you an overview of how to redeem codes for NBA 2K.

All NBA 2K Codes for Redemption

We have listed some new and ongoing working codes for the NBA 2K mobile game. You can redeem codes for NBA 2K and get free player cards and collect points. 

Latest Code

Below you’ll find some NBA 2K codes if you’re looking for the latest codes as an NBA 2K gamer. Those are active, updated, and also working. 

Check on the main menu in the game console. If you find Redeem Button, you can only have the code; if the Redeem option is not there, it means there is no code available for that moment. 

NBA 2K mobile game Codes (All)

You can check the details about redeeming codes in the section below if you don’t know how to redeem the code.

QR Codes to Recharge

Some QR codes seem to be found for card collection from game advertisements and promotions. If you don’t know how to scan QR codes, open your mobile camera and keep the camera on in front of the QR code; this process should work. But if not, you must download a QR code reader app from the play store. The following is a list of QR codes for NBA 2K.

How to Redeem Codes for NBA 2K

To redeem a code for an NBA 2K game on mobile, you must check it first in the main menu. You will see the ‘Redeem’ option in the side menu if redeem code is available. However, not every time do developers make it accessible. If you don’t see the Redeem option, that means currently no code is given. 

But if you notice the Redeem button, tap on the option, type or copy-paste any of our listed working codes in the textbox, and return. If the code is correct, you will get your card or reward.

Details process stated in the following: 

How Can You Get More Updated Code?

If you want to get more updated code, keep your guard on the NBA 2K mobile official Twitter or Facebook page. With a new release, they often share the updated redeem code on social pages to give you the best taste in collecting cards.

Some Outdated or Expired Code List

We have gathered some code that worked well before. But you can try or collect the previous list as an NBA 2K fan. Moreover, you might get lucky while trying these; who knows!

Final Words

In NBA 2K Mobile, codes reward players with unique cards, they can use to make their ideal squad. Codes that provide faster Energy Recharge rates bring players back into the game more quickly. Codes are your best bet if you’re looking for a competitive advantage.

Get free VC to upgrade your MyPlayer’s attributes in MyCareer or buy animations in Animations Store if you want.