Top 6 Teams With The Most Cap Space in NBA 2K23

Looking for a group to form from scratch? In NBA 2K23, starting a franchise with the team with the highest cap space is better. You can pretend to be the team’s owner or general manager and experiment with signing players using your available cap space. The list can be a little bit short, even if […]

The Best Badges To Use in NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, badges help players improve their performance by raising their player statistics. The best NBA 2K23 players look for the best badges to utilize in the game to gain the slightest advantage over their rivals during tight games. This article describes each category’s best badges to use in NBA 2K23. Best Finishing Badges […]

NBA 2K23: The Fastest Way To Unlock Badges

One approach to distinguish a player’s skill from their traits is through player badges. These badges are the center of builds, occasionally becoming essential to a particular build. These badges can require a lot of dedication and numerous hours of grinding. This guide’s calculations will teach you how to obtain badges in NBA 2K23 the […]