As the NBA 2K23 MyTEAM adventure gets started, one thing becomes obvious immediately. Aside from the starter card you selected, the rest of your lineup is quite average. Early on in the game, that might not be a problem, especially if you choose to play on easy difficulty, but as the games get harder, the gaps in your squad will become obvious.

However, if you’re still earning MT initially, you don’t want to waste it. What are the greatest cheap MyTEAM cards for NBA 2K23 that can be purchased from auctions to assist you to bolster your roster? We’ve produced a list of the best cheap players for each position, who shouldn’t set you back more than 2,000 MT.

Robert Reid – Shooting Guard

You should purchase Robert Reid from the auction as soon as you understand he is a great option for any roster. This man is a great steal and will add more to your squad for just one thousand dollars.

Reid only has seven bronze and one silver badge, but considering his price, he possesses a great close shot and three-pointer.

Cost Projection – 1000

Overall Score – 83

For offensive rating – 82

For defensive rating – 81

Reid is a wonderful buy, but it’s not because of his shooting statistics. It’s how he can be dealt with in the game. His release is so fast that he feels considerably better than his scores indicate. Additionally, he has a tremendous frame with a shooting guard at 6’8. With Reid, you have a wide range of attacking choices thanks to his height, allowing you to shoot from a long distance or drive to the basket.

Important figures:

Chauncy Billups, Point Guard

Let’s first concentrate on the position of the point guard. It is important to note that no inexpensive point guard will be a superior choice to just the Ja Morant starter card. Therefore you might skip it if you choose that starter card.

Cost Projection: 1,3k

Overall Score: 85

For offensive rating: 84 

For Defensive Rating: 85 

Chauncy Billups would be a great option if you chose Jimmy Butler or Joel Embiid to help you fill this hole on your team. Billups is a reliable player on the court, with a rating of 85 overall and some good crucial statistics. He also offers a variety of possibilities moving ahead.

Billups is a card many players will overlook because it costs approximately 1.3k, but it should provide many benefits to your team. You need to devote some time to Freestyle Mode to get acclimated to his shooting release because it is a little unorthodox for the game.

Important figures:

P.J. Tucker- Power Forward 

The most challenging position to fill was the power forward because there are so few reasonably priced power forwards available. We chose P.J. Tucker because having four excellent shooters is essential for achievement in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM.

Cost Projection – 1000

Overall Score – 74

For Offensive Rating – 73

For Defense Grade – 73

Unfortunately, aside from his three-point ability, Tucker isn’t very strong, so we advise making this the first upgrade whenever you have a little more money.

Although Tucker has a simple release style, deploy him as far to the left as you can because he has cold zones throughout the three-point line.

Important figures:

Kelly Tripucka – Small forward 

We chose Kelly Tripucka to play small forward. Since Tripucka is not the most well-known character in the game, you may frequently get this card for a great deal. For about 700 MT, we could pick him up.

Cost Projection – 700

Overall Score – 85

For Offensive Rating – 84

For Defense Grade – 76

Important Figures:

Rik Smits – Center

Finally, we chose Rik Smits, one of the game’s most dominant players, for the Center. This card and a Shaquille O’Neal variant were closely contested, but Smits prevails for a few reasons.

Cost Projection – 1.4k

Overall Score – 82

For Offensive Rating – 79

For Defense Grade – 79

Important Figures:

The Takeaways

In conclusion, none of these cards will compare to your initial card in strength. Since you can only select one of those three players, it is crucial to build a team that includes individuals that will not require you to spend all your hard-earned money.

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