When one player physically overwhelms another and drives to the hoop for a dunk, it’s one of the most exciting things you can see in an NBA game. 

Every basketball fan, even those who have no idea which NBA teams exist, enjoys watching a dunk that is truly posterizing. 

You can relive that excitement in NBA 2K23 with a well-executed contact dunk. Instead of a simple layup or floater, contact dunks allow you to force your will and slam the ball into the hoop. So today, we’ll go over how to do a contact dunk in NBA 2K23.

Contact Dunk – What is It?

The player’s engagement with the defender during the dunk attempt distinguishes a contact dunk from all other dunks.

A contact dunk is a slam in which the ball handler pushes over the point of contact between two players.

There’s a fine line regarding contact dunks since excessive contact, or overly forceful contact could result in a foul and make the dunk pointless.

Because two players are in the same space at once—the player going up for the dunk and the defender rushing to block the shot—contact almost always occurs.

Consequently, some contact is allowed, including the thrilling and dazzling dunks you probably see in highlight reels and hype videos.

Requirements for Contact Dunk

In NBA 2K23, executing a pleasing contact dunk doesn’t require pressing a certain button combination or anything. Instead, contact dunks are initiated by making a regular dunk attempt when specific conditions are in place and are met.

Contact dunks are more like decorative animations applied to the actual dunk rather than their distinct entity.

While this makes contact dunks less entertaining, watching your player drive through their opponent, sometimes even knocking them down, is still rewarding.

You’ll see a different contact dunk animation depending on the height and attribute ratings of the player when you go up to slam the ball into the hoop.

With posterizer badges, you’re more likely to succeed when trying a contact dunk, and the benefit grows as the badge gets better, so unlock it fast and upgrade it for the best results.

You can see these contact dunk requirements in the game as well. Scroll over to the “MyPLAYER” tab from the MyPLAYER menu to see them. Use X (or A) to choose “animations” from there. Use L1 and R1 (or LB and RT) to switch to “animations store” after entering the animations panel. Next, choose “NBA Dunks and Layups” and “Contact Dunks.”

You can see every contact dunk variation available in the game and the associated animations once you have navigated to the contact dunks tab. 

At the bottom of the contact dunks tab, you’ll find the prerequisites for each animation.

How to Dunk in NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, there are two ways to dunk: pushing the shoot button or directing the right stick toward the rim while maintaining sprint trigger pressure.

Your player can go for a slam dunk by pressing the square button on the PS5 or the X button on the Xbox while simultaneously depressing the R2 or RT trigger, depending on the console you’re using.

If you choose that route, you can also do a dunk by pointing the right stick in the direction of the hoop while pressing the R2 or RT trigger.

The Takeaway

NBA 2K23’s contact dunks add excitement and flash to the game’s action as you rack up points. Players must meet different requirements to trigger different thrilling contact dunk animations in the game’s numerous contact dunk variations.

You’ll be more likely to try different settings, teams, and players now that you know how to acquire contact dunks.

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