In a basketball game, there are occasions when a simple layup just isn’t cut it. Defendants might surround you without a clear path to execute your shot, or a tall defender might get a perfect angle on you to block your shot.

Shooting a floater is a terrific method to find still a way to connect on a shot and help your team score in each of these instances. The purpose of today’s tutorial is to show you how to shoot a floater in NBA 2K23.

When to Do a Floater

Knowing when to attempt to shoot a floater, compared to any other type, is crucial for properly shooting a floater as efficiently as possible.

A floater’s major objective is to make it considerably more difficult for the defense to block your shot. Taking your shot from near the top of the key is more beneficial to aim with a trajectory that goes above where the defender can prevent it.

Shooting from near the top of the key is useful because it makes the time and location of your shot easier to predict. 

In contrast, if you drove directly to the basket for your shot, defenders would know when and where you would be taking the shot. It would be easier to block it since they would be positioned to do so.

Another way to hit a floater is to make sure a fast player with high shooting metrics shoots the ball and that the defender trying to block it is bigger and slower than the shooter.

How to Do a Floater in NBA 2k23

The only thing left to learn is how to shoot a floater now that you know when it’s best to do so.

Determine whether your pro stick orientation is set to “absolute” or “camera relative” to understand how to shoot a floater. Look at the sliders and settings to verify this. You can pause the game by scrolling to the right and choosing the “options” tab when the game is still playing. 

Next, you should scroll down to “controller settings,” which is the third choice. Scroll down to see the “pro stick orientation” option, and you can then check or modify the setting.

When shooting a floater, “absolute” is the default setting and the most basic option. You can use the preset regardless of the situation or context from which you are shooting the floater.

To shoot a floater using the “absolute” pro stick orientation setting, you have to lower your shot stick.

Though it’s different, shooting a floater with your pro stick set to “camera relative” is still pretty straightforward.

As your player approaches the basket, switch to the “absolute” setting to move the shooting stick the other way.

Both pro stick orientation settings require you to consider your player’s position on the court when taking shots. According to the game, a standard layup will be made if you are too close to the hoop. You should take the shot at the top of the key to prevent this.

Best Players to Use to Do a Floater

It’s best to employ speedy players with high shooting numbers to shoot a floater, so top-tier guards are frequently your best bet. Several instances include:

The Takeaway

While it’s not always the best shot, the floater can be useful if you know when and how to use it. Once you have mastered the floater, you can add it to your NBA 2K23 shots and moves repertoire.

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